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Superior’s Steakhouse New Website Makes It Easy To Provide Proof of Income

Kip Fielding Crayfish

In response to recent difficulties in assessing the value of customer clothing, Superior’s Steakhouse has implemented new website features that make it fun and easy to provide proof of income in order to visit the restaurant.

Customers were previously graded on what was dubbed the “Gucci Scale”, with points assigned 1-10 and entry depending on their ranking. Grades 7-10 were allowed entry to the dining room, 4-6 were allowed on the patio and limited to only USDA Choice beef, and 3 and below were arrested on the spot. Now customers can pull data directly from the IRS, eliminating any confusion over choice of attire.

Superior Grill is now considering changing their dress code policy to “flip flop-only” to handle the overflow from Superior’s Steakhouse.