Mayor, City Council Meet to Discuss What to Do with Shreveport’s Last Shred of Dignity

Kip Fielding Crayfish 0 Comments

Shreveport’s mayor and City Council have called a “fairly urgent” meeting to discuss what can be done with the City’s last remaining shred of dignity. The meeting will take place Thursday when one of the Council members is taking his mother to the beauty parlor.

Suggestions for how use the final shred of dignity vary. According to one Council member, “we need to use it before we lose it. I don’t know. Maybe something with Cross Bayou?”

Newly founded Greatway Consortium recommends applying for federal matching dignity, cleaning it up a bit, then giving it to Greatway for free.

The mayor is urging the Council to transfer it to his cousin in Dallas.

Due to the “fairly urgent” nature of the meeting, attendees will only be given one minute each to hurl allegations of racism towards City officials.

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