‘I Love Cowboys’ forces newspaper front page scrubbed blank

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A picture of a Christmas ornament displaying the text “I Love Cowboys” has forced local newspaper Shreveport Times to print their front page blank. 

An open display of support for the Dallas Cowboys, while the Saints are having a good season, could potentially leave the newspaper to be sued. In a front-page article describing a charity for the broken-spirited, a Christmas tree is shown adorned with a bauble engraved with the text “I Love Cowboys” – an egregious error missed in the proofing process but luckily caught before final printing. The page was printed blank as a last-second measure to escape the wrath of the Who Dat Nation.

“I don’t see the big issue,” explains reader Dale Radish, “As a nation of many different sports teams, we should embrace diversity and not force everything to be so sterilized. We shouldn’t be afraid of representing our cultures, I’d even support a Razorback ornament being shown if it meant something to that person.”

Others praise the Shreveport Times for their decision, arguing that sports-related topics should stay separate and in their section.

“Personally, I don’t watch sports. I respect someones right to watch it, even play it, but out of respect for those who don’t engage in sports, we should avoid public displays of support,” described deontologist Jessica Gilthief. “How would you like it if I published my Danganronpa fan fiction on the front page of your newspaper? You’d be upset too.”

Dallas Cowboys fans, used to taking the L, were unsurprised by the move.

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