Historic Breakthrough After Archaeologists Uncover Even More Dated Crawfish Palace Commercial

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SHREVEPORT, LA – Archaeologists made a groundbreaking discovery Tuesday morning when a local construction company broke ground on a new bank, uncovering a Crawfish Palace commercial old enough to change the history books. The commercial has been carbon dated to between the 60s and 70s, and features an older man rambling on about random aspects of the business.

“We’ve never seen anything like this, it’s unprecedented,” explained paleontologist Sable Johnson, “The presence of a second commercial, and older at that, shows how crawfish has impacted human evolution much longer than previously thought.”

The newly discovered commercial, while similar in tone to the original, uses the original slogan “With enough chairs to sit your ass”. While this may shock audiences today, radiologists claim that the caveman society of the time would have found this perfectly acceptable.

“You can still see some remnants of our ancestors in the current commercial from the 90s. The need for stone in our previous cave dwelling 1960s ancestors precipitated the need for a granite yard next door,” explained Dr. Johnson.

Entomologists studying the commercial believe they may be able to clone it using intact video artifacts recovered from the site. Similar work had been attempted with old Swepco commercials in 2014, but were not successful. The ultimate goal, argonomists say, is to hopefully produce a new commercial sometime within the next few decades.

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