[Editorial] Bring Alliance of American Football to Shreveport

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Shreveport, LA – The past two weekends, as you were perusing the sport channels and cracking open a tall, cool Budweiser, you may have noticed scores for the new Alliance of American Football (AAF). Fans of the old USFL will probably be excited by the new league and rightfully so. With all the bad calls and non-football related issues with the NFL, it’s time to get back to basics. Several cities throughout the nation have new teams like the Arizona Hotshots, San Antonio Commanders, and the Birmingham Iron. So, we here at the Crayfish wondered, “If a backwater town like Birmingham can have a new football team, why can’t Shreveport?”.

Shreveport has never done well with local sport teams. The amount of guano at Fairgrounds Field can attest to that. Pirates, Captains, Swamp Dragons, ABA Mavericks, and the Battlewings have all fallen on their faces. The only thing left standing is the Mudbugs and even they are not the same as they were ten years ago.  However, with a newly elected mayor who is enthusiastic about turning things around, perhaps bringing in a new football team could help getting Shreveport that facelift she oh-so needs. To to get the ball rolling on something like this, we need to find a name that would befit a team from Shreveport, LA. We sat down to work feverishly through the night to come up with some names that would best represent our southern oasis and here is what we were able to come up with:

Shreveport Ratchets (Obviously)

Shreveport Business. Motto will be: Get you some!

Shreveport Pirates (for history or whatever)

Shreveport Nighthawks (Cause it’s badass and I was watching Step Brothers)

Bonus: Bossier City Brain Eating Amoebas

Alright… so it wasn’t “feverishly through the night” and it was more like 20 minutes and then re-watching some Parks and Recreation episodes but it’s more than you did. Further research showed that if we do not get in on this AAF situation, we can always try to get in on the ground floor with the XFL which is supposed to kick off next year. Let us know what you think Shreveport’s hypothetical football team should be. Geaux Ratchets!

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