Mayor Perkins to Make First Visit to Shreveport Next Week

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SHREVEPORT, LA – Only a few months since being elected mayor of Shreveport, Adrian Perkins has scheduled his first visit to the city to check on how things are going since he was elected.

Perkins is a graduate of Harvard AND West Point, two schools which most Shreveporters recognize only from movies about smart kids. And, as is the case with most smart kids, Perkins has spent as much time as possible outside of of the city of which he was elected mayor.

Among the travel stops in his strenuous schedule: Washington, D.C., New Orleans, and several other places most smart kids with ambition would consider more desirable than Shreveport.

“I was able to catch a couple of Saints games while most folks up in the Wrench City were watching the Cowboys play on TV,” says Mayor Perkins. “I was sporting my Shreve-nificant t-shirt, too. It was a good way to get our city a little attention.”

Still, Perkins remains pro-Shreveport.

“I love that I’m getting to finally go to Shreve’s Port,” Mayor Perkins tweeted Monday. “Can’t wait to get a John’s Pizza and enjoy that Grapes of Wrath Beer that I’ve missed so much after going to all these boring places I’ve been in the last 3 months.”

Not at all out of touch from his travels, Perkins then stated that he was looking forward to catching a Shreveport Captains game this spring at Fairgrounds Field.

In order to maintain full transparency, Mayor Perkins denied our request earlier in the year to join his administration as Meme Czar.

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