Hurricane Chris Competes in Rap Battle with Actual Hurricane Chris

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SHREVEPORT, LA. – Waters off the Atlantic Coast are active this week as Hurricane Chris has rapidly strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane. But what had rap fans most excited was a Wednesday morning rap battle between Hurricane Chris – rapper of Ay Bay Bay fame – and the current Hurricane Chris churning off the New England coast.

Sylvia Gladstone is a finance account coordinator and Hurricane Chris fan from Scottsdale, Arizona, who traveled East see the rap battle firsthand. Gladstone sipped white wine while watching Hurricane Chris stand on a pier near Cape Hatteras and hurl vocal bombs toward the frothing ocean.

“This s*** is dope,” Gladstone said.

Hurricane Chris vs. Hurricane Chris was a long expected rap battle, which first came to attention when the National Hurricane Center released the names for the 2018 hurricane season.

“When I saw the name Chris on the list, I was like ‘awwww damn – it’s going down,” Gladstone said. “I hoped if a Tropical Storm Chris formed it wouldn’t fizzle out and sure enough, it didn’t.  When it became a hurricane, I was already buying my plane ticket. I wouldn’t miss this epic rap battle for the world.”

Crowds roared for Hurricane Chris (the rapper) as he strung together a series of lyrical twists and jabs that would have left any lesser opponent reeling. But Hurricane Chris was not fazed, roaring at a sustained 72 mph and showing no signs of defeat.

“My boi Chris is f**** amazing,” Gladstone said, still sipping wine. “He got lines for days. His flow was really good, like rapid fire and his freestyle was on point. But the actual Hurricane Chris had non-stop flow in a counterclockwise direction for hours and hours on end. No one on their best day could compete with that. I mean – it’s kind of ironic, you know? That a hurricane would be so damn good at spittin’ flames.”

Hurricane Chris is currently moving into the Atlantic Ocean before dissipating.

“Damn, what a week,” Gladstone said. “I can’t wait for Hurricane Drake.”

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