Great Raft to merge with Sci-Port, create first “Astropub”

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SHREVEPORT, LA – In an emergency press conference earlier today, Great Raft has formally announced that is merging with the troubled Sci-Port to form the nations first “Astropub”.

Following the lead of other large cities such as Austin and Fouke, the craft beer scene in Shreveport has exploded. One can hardly walk through a bar or grocery store anymore without someone going on and on about a great limited release nitro double-triple aged in bourbon barrels they had once at Strangebrew. The increased competition among local breweries has led to unique developments in the scene, such as Flying Heart Brewery’s strip beer pong night and now Great Raft’s merger, tentatively titled “Raft Port”.

“I’m excited for the move, really just glad I don’t have to hide my beer in Sci-Port anymore,” said local Google Guide Bill Davis.

The new Raft Port will feature scientific space exhibits catered to adults such as The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe, Space Dementia, and It’s Full of Stars. Admission will be free, and beer flights will available for purchase to help accompany the journey through the renovated facility. Each exhibit will feature an existential rating based on the amount of hops of each beer available.

“The exhibits are designed to pair with the beer you drink,” explained curator Ford Prefect, “Nothing says ‘craft beer’ like knowing existence is fleeting, pretentious at best.”

On the beer end, Great Raft is planning on keeping their mainstays while being able to offer unique beers only available at Raft Port. New planned beer releases include: The Bock in Our Stars, Neil Beerbong, Apollo 318, and Carl Saison. Not to be sidestepped by beer trends, a glitter beer is in development titled The Milky I.P.Way.

The planned merger is expected to revitalize most of downtown in an unprecedented way. Abita has expressed interest in building a “StadiumPub” along Black Bayou.

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