Not To Be Outdone, S’port City Council Schedules Hearing With Tom from MySpace

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SHREVEPORT, LA. – In the wake of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s highly publicized day before the US Congress, the City of Shreveport called its own meeting with a social media mogul.

“We have important questions to ask,” explained Barbara Norton, who does not serve on the Council but somehow always finds a way into Crayfish interviews because we all love that she is at the meetings anyway. “We need know why can’t my top 8 by a top 16? Is there a MySpace phone app? Is that good-lookin shirtless gentleman who added me a few days ago a real person? Why can’t I find my favorite song to put on my wall so that when people visit my wall they know I’m down with Boosie?”

The meeting was short lived, though, when Tom dropped a bombshell on the City Council, “Uh, I haven’t owned MySpace since 2005 when I sold it for $500 million.”

This led Mayor Ollie Tyler to promptly adjourn the meeting and present her latest proposal, the “Tom From MySpace Cross Bayou Sports Complex”.

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