Protest Planned to Raise Awareness for Bringing Back 99X

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SHREVEPORT, LA. – The current political landscape in this country is increasingly tense. There are protests for a laundry list of social issues and your Facebook feed is full of people arguing that their opposition is wrong complete with ‘triggered’ memes and calling each other ‘snowflake,’ which usually results in your grandmother blocking you for several weeks. However, one local man is attempting to organize a march for what he thinks matters most, the former rock station, 99X.

Todd Wilkes, 43, of Greenwood, LA, has been a long time listener of 99X. In January, the station changed formats from progressive rock to classic, calling the station The Highway 98.9 and fans were rocked (pun intended). We sat down with Todd to ask him why he felt this should be given the time of day and what he hopes to accomplish. “It just sucks, bro. One day I am listening to the latest cover from Five Finger Death Punch and the next day it’s Led Zepplin. What the f**k? We already had a classic rock station with 98 Rocks and now we have another one,” he said as he slammed back another Keystone light.

“It’s just like 92.1 The Buzz, bro. One day it was there playing Seven Mary Three and the next thing you know, it’s the music you hear at Nicky’s. 99X was the only station I had. I laughed all the way to work with Bob and Tom and then I jammed out with Mandatory Metallica and another cover from Five Finger Death Punch. What am I supposed to do now? I’m not using ITunes and Spotify because I cannot legally open a bank account. So you can forget that.”

We asked him what he plans to do to make attempts to bring the station back. Todd explained, “Well I have already made a several hundred angry comments on 99X’s old Facebook page and gotten several thumbs up, so there’s a start. My other plan is to get my buddy Rod to eventually create a Bring Back 99X Facebook page and invite all 94 of my friends on Facebook to join it. From there, we can protest in front of the old Riverside Warehouse in downtown Shreveport and spread the good word which is we Rock and Metal fans need music to angrily drive down the road to and mosh pit in too.”

He never went into any more detail about the proposed protest, but assured us over his 7th Keystone Light that he will get in everyone’s face about this until changes are made. Todd increasingly got more fired up about this as the interview progressed. “I met Dimebag because of that station, bro. I saw Sevendust like 13 times because I refused to give up when 99X had ticket call-ins, and Bob and Tom were the only reason I didn’t run people off the road on the way into work in the morning after my second divorce. There’s a lot of history there, man, and I don’t wanna give it up and I damn sure don’t wanna listen to another classic rock station play Queen every hour on the hour.”

The lesson that we learned after the interview was that despite all of his rage, he was still just a rat in a cage. Keep an eye out for a couple of nostalgic drunk guys protesting close to festival plaza at some point in time. Good luck, gentlemen.

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