Academy on Verge of Closing as Rival Academy Brazenly Opens Next Door

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SHREVEPORT, LA – Bert Kouns has gotten a recent face lift after the popular sporting goods store Academy unveiled a new store near I-49. The area around the store is most known for nondescript business offices a wide expanse of parking lots as far as the eye can see suitable for local youth to spend their weekends drinking and doing donuts with their Ford Mustangs. That’s all about to change according to Academy spokesman Julie Keller. “There is a lot of potential over here to bring people to this side of town that can bring in a lot of new jobs,” says Keller. “Linwood Avenue, for example, has kept hundreds of construction workers employed for the last several years. That’s why we felt the time is now to bring Academy to Shreveport – keep the momentum going.”

However, many Academy employees fear that the opposite is true, suggesting the new store could put current Academy employees out of a job. “This is a direct threat on my livelihood,” says Academy employee Jared Fox. “Academy knew exactly what they were doing by putting it right there. It’s malicious if you ask me, they wanted to make a statement – to let us know they’re there and rub it in. Heartless bastards.”

On the other hand, many residents are excited to see what Academy brings to Shreveport. “I was a Dick’s man for a while now, can’t get enough of it. Never got in to Sports Spectrum, mostly because their staff was always over at Rotollo’s. Now that Academy is in town, I’ll probably do my sports shopping there. Can’t see much reason to give that Academy my business considering this Academy is a few yards closer to my house,” says local Greg Flint.

Economist hint that Academy will inevitably close as a result of the opening. “Rent is high enough, but the added competition is sure to disrupt Academy’s earnings. It’s not a matter of if, but when the store will close,” one economist tells The Crayfish. “Academy was looking to move into the old Circuit City building on Youree, but thought it would be better suited right smack-dab next door to Academy. That took some cojones.”

The new opening have many people wondering if this move could spark a sports store arms race in Shreveport. “We’ve already heard from a representative from Dick’s that they are considering buying Lowes just to open up a store next door to Dick’s. That would probably put Dick’s in a precarious position. They’d potentially have to close as well,” one source close to the situation says.

We will keep you updated should there be any sports store developments.

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