Shreveport Voted #1 Spring Break Destination Among Keithville, Oil City Residents

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SHREVEPORT, La. – It’s spring break, and teens and adult teens are snapping selfies and drinking profusely in fantastic getaways. There’s one place drunken co-eds are swarming and it’s closer than you would think. Warm beaches? Check. Exotic restaurants? Check. Tourist traps? Check. Rampant Poverty? Check. Destination? SHREVEPORT. According to SBC Today, college students from small towns are flooding the Shreveport area for the wild thrills and amazing sights.

“I been to Shreveport every spring break since freshman year, brah,” explained Buck Thibodeaux, “One, two, even three nightclubs? Don’t get me started on burrito guy.”

Despite historical college towns like Vivian and Mooringsport being known for their sprawling university campuses and vibrant student culture, many college students prefer the thrills of the big city when it comes to spring break. Thousands flock from towns like Oil City and Keithville to trade cow tipping for keg tipping. Popular attractions include: the sandbar down by Stoner park when the river isn’t flooding, alcohol on Sundays, and karaoke night at Strange Brew. Every Friday and Saturday night, local band Scooter and the Boys headlines block parties throughout the highland region.

“The city boys are just the coolest, you know? It’s like we’re in Galveston!” Exclaimed Keatchie native Lacey Dooley. City boys are a hot commodity during the spring break season, fueling Shreveport’s famous $10 million ladies’ night industry.

The City of Shreveport is prepared for the flood of 20-somethings, with hydration stations planned along streets in downtown Shreveport and one porta-potty in an undisclosed location. Lyft and Uber drivers are encouraged to “just be cool” and provide phone chargers on demand. Sci-port plans on opening a limited-time only interactive liver exhibit, complete with boxed wine and slim jim pairings.

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