Evangel QB Donates Senior Year Signing Bonus to Keep Sci-Port Open

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SHREVEPORT, La. – In a true gesture of generosity this week, star Evangel Christian quarterback Joshbraham Brawls pledged to give his full 2018 signing bonus towards keeping the doors open of the long-struggling Sci-Port Discovery Center. The science center is seemingly in a state of limbo that has left many residents to wonder if it will ever reopen under the new management. “If they ain’t going to open this to the kids, they could at least sell the big ole pendulum in there,” says aspiring hypnotist Gertude Fondu-Pumpernickle. “Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the tornado machine, either.”

“I knew what I had to do when I got all this money,” Brawls explained in a written statement issued to the press this week. “Sci-Port, it mean a lot to me. Because, it’s education, and you gotta learn things. Learning real impotent in Shreveport. Right up there with football and Marty Graw. When my parents and I left Fort Worth my dad said, ‘Son, don’t screw this up for me, I’ve dreamt of you playing ball before I even met your mother.’ I like to think this is me living up to what my Dad asked of me.”

Brawls, who is coming off an all-state, redshirt junior year, signed a multi-year contract with Evangel that should keep him at the school for at least 3 more senior years. He’ll open the season at home in Evangel’s brand-new $500 million stadium, built on top of the city’s aquarium and a couple of libraries. The exact terms and dollar amount of his contract were not disclosed, but it’s estimated he could’ve saved the aquarium, too.