[REAL] Meet the Players: Evan Johnston

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Name: Evan Johnston ?

Age: 30

Height/Weight: 6’0/220

Nickname: ThickThighsPrettyEyes

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Years playing Rugby: 4 years

Shreveport Debut: November 2014

Rugby Position(s): Currently Center (former prop, looking to get back to the FR) ❤️

Club role: Fundraising Coordinator

Occupation: United States Air Force/ Career Student

Favorite sports team: Michigan Wolverines

Hobbies: Of course Rugby, constantly overreacting, eating, getting pumped, and annoying my beautiful girlfriend.

Favorite quote: If you hang with ducks, you’ll quack. If you hang with Eagles, you’ll soar.

Best Rugby memory: It’s a solid tie between: 1) Watching Smitty cock back to hit someone and the guy went fetal in fear when he saw it coming. 2) When KC attempted to kick the ball during match play and it was a direct shot to Kayne O’ Neal’s mommy/daddy button.

Shreveport Rugby in my words: Organized Chaos. 

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