Last Surviving Member of Evangel’s 1993 State Champ Football Team Dies at the Senseless Age of 88

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SHREVEPORT, La. – Chip “Junior” Mitchell was laid to rest today, and with him departs the last of the Evangel Christian Academy Eagles 1993 State Championship Football team.

Mitchell, a double red-shirt freshman on the ’93 squad, accounted for an interception and 4 tackles in the Big Game. He was a product of loopholes the Evangel coaches found in player eligibility regulations in the 90s that allowed for players to sit out sometimes multiple years while still remaining eligible to play in games.

“Sure, Chip was already pretty old when he came to us,” former ECA defensive backs coach Mike Front explained, “but… you can’t coach awareness. Man, he had it.”

Billy Deeds, who graduated a year before the ’93 State Championship team, also had fond memories of Mitchell. “I remember him when I was in the grade between 8th and 9th at Evangel. You know, that’s usually a hard in-between year. He came up to me one day and said, ‘Hey sport, I’ve been where you’re at…. Didn’t get 8th grade right until my 3rd time. Hang in there.’ That really calmed me down.”

Mitchell leaves behind 3 sons and 4 grandsons, two of which were fellow teammates on the ’93 ECA squad.

Please pay respects to this local legend.

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