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Shreveport Rugby held its Annual General Meeting, Friday night at Noble Savage Tavern. The meeting was the best attended in recent years with 20 members, including ladies and old boys.

Many things were discussed, but the most important task was the election and reelection of officers. 2016 saw SRFC adopt a more modern approach to leadership with an expanded structure and more opportunities for others to take smaller roles. We would like to congratulate all officers, especially the newly elected. Rugby in Shreveport is experiencing growth at a rate that has never been seen locally, and this takes more members raising their hand to continue the momentum. The following are your elected leadership for SRFC for 2017-2018.

President-Drew Tomsak
Director of Operations-Rick Turner (New Officer)
Director of Rugby-John Cush (New Officer)
Treasurer-Stacy Dart
General Secretary-Kayne O’Neal
Fund Raising Managers-Stephanie LaFave & Evan Johnston (New Roles)
Communication Manager-Nancy Campbell (New Officer)
Social Media Team-Stephanie LaFave, Kayne O’Neal, Pat Molet
Facilities Manager-Brandon Brownmiller (New Officer)
High school/Youth Liaison-Sam Brock
Women’s Head Coach-Nancy Campbell

The 2016-2017 season saw a great deal of success for rugby in Shreveport:
1. Men’s Club finished in top 16 nationally.
2. The formation of a Women’s Club.
3. Expansion of rugby in area High Schools and middle schools, girls and boys.
4. The club is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
5. Financially, the club is operating on a surplus.
6. Increased support from the city in regards to our facilities.
7. Much improved social media presence via Facebook and a partnership with The Crayfish.
8. Leadership structure now 90% filled.

It is incredibly refreshing to see some of our alumni put their hand up to take on crucial roles within the club structure. Its likewise good to see some of the ladies and younger players taking on new responsibilities to ensure the success of the club. The club still has a couple open positions, including Recruitment Chair. We also look to add to our coaching staff in the coming months to make another run in the playoffs.

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