Broadmoor Neighborhood Facebook Page Named Terrorist Organization

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BROADMOOR, Shreveport, LA – After an intense, 14-month investigation, the city has deemed the Broadmoor’s premiere neighborhood page “a serious threat” to Shreveport residents. The findings stem from legislation pased in 2015, that made passive-aggressive comments, internet trolling, and name-calling classified as assault and battery within Shreveport city limits.

It was this law change that triggered a far-reaching investigation into the notorious Facebook page. “Over 14 months we’ve seen at least 29 people tell someone to ‘delete their account,’ if you think about that in terms of the law, you are basically wishing that they didn’t exist, which we classify as a terrorist threat,” said Hale Renfroe, lead investigator. “Those are just the more serious offenses, things like sarcasm, crying and poop emojis, and grammar corrections number in the thousands. The type of stuff that keeps a man up at night.”

“One post regarding a dog barking spiraled out of control, resulting in what I can describe as pure carnage. These things will shake even the most callous among us,” Hale says. The post in question resulted in 72 people dead from internet insults, making it the biggest terrorist attack in Louisiana history.

Hale says to avoid the page altogether as even curiosity can lead to harm just by indirectly seeing the content of a post. “If you see someone you disagree with, it’s possible they are a part of this terrorist group. My advice is to report it as soon as possible and let the professionals handle it,” says Hale.

The city remains fearful that residents will still continue to have varying opinions, leading to more group membership, and more disagreements; disagreements they say could have catastrophic effects. “I want everyone to stay off the internet,” Mayor Ollie Tyler said to local media, in an effort to minimize the risk. An effort that we will closely monitor.

We will keep you updated on the new terror group from Broadmoor as details emerge.

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