Barksdale AFB Weather Machine Discovered by Local Radio Intern

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SHREVEPORT, LA – A year ago, K945 posed a simple question, “Is the Barksdale Bubble real?” K945 of course is the station that introduced us all to Creed in the late 90’s, a fact we are not sure we should be thankful or resentful for. Now, they are back in the limelight, lifting the public’s interest in weather to heights we haven’t seen since there was that weird Ed Duranzyk rumor floating around. 

The Barksdale Bubble is the colloquial term for a sort of weather force field that protects Barksdale from inclement weather. Evidence to support the theory is a few radar pictures and “hey don’t you remember that time it was supposed to rain and didn’t? What’s up with that?” In K945’s article they included a poll where nearly 60% of the people who read their article believed that Barksdale AFB was controlling the weather, because apparently some people did remember that time it was supposed to rain and couldn’t figure out why, so obviously there’s a weather machine.

This article sparked one radio intern to go to Barksdale and find the source of the weather disturbances. Skip Luney spent 6 months undercover on the base and today has found the source. “Best I can describe it is a big hair dryer. Them boys fire this thing up and all the clouds and rain and whatnot get evaporated up and not a drop hits. They say that Air Force Bases are apt to disintegrate with too much water and they got some pretty fancy planes I reckon they want to keep,” Kip told us.

Kip’s findings confirm the fears that many Shreveport/Bossier residents have voiced – Barksdale is controlling the weather. It’s not that it’s coincidence that sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t, that’s what they want you to think. The truth is the government needs to protect their investments by sometimes controlling weather over a section of northwest Louisiana. The only way the government can do that is to prevent non-serious periods of inclement weather in Shreveport/Bossier.

Are you now convinced of the Barksdale Bubble? Let us know!

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