Local Man Still Optimistic About Owning an Elio

Dax LaCray Crayfish, Lifestyle 0 Comments

SHREVEPORT, LA – For years now Elio Motors have been struggling to produce a vehicle that would cause emergency workers to laugh when you inevitably die while driving it, leaving many Shreveport residents skeptical consumers will ever be able to drive one. Except for local carpenter, Nick Jenkins.

“I’ve been waiting for this for years, I can’t wait. Several Christmases ago I got a helmet with some flames that I’ve just been itching to wear,” Nick said. Nick said that this will be well worth the price. “I’ve always thought cars had too many wheels, but I was always worried about balance and all that. This was made for me,” he said.

The Elio is comparable in price to other forms of euthanasia, as the price to move to another state or country has become problematic. The Elio seems to be a great, emerging alternative.

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