DISAPPOINTMENT: ‘Thrill Hill’ Downgraded to ‘Mediocre Mound’

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THRILL HILL, Shreveport, LA – The city of Shreveport is in shock after a team of international thrill seekers came to town and officially deemed the famous stretch of road as ‘mediocre.’ Shaun Stevens made the trip from Australia after reading some the ‘thrilling’ nature of the hill. “I had been looking at this hill for some time. I saw some people wearing ‘Thrill Hill’ shirts and knew I needed to strap on some rollerblades and let loose. That didn’t happen though.”

Shaun is internationally renowned for rating adventurous locations to make it easier for thrill-seekers to plan their next excursion. “The Uber driver dropped me off and with a smile on his face and said, ‘we’re here,’ I looked him square in his eye and said, ‘we’re where, mate?’ the guy pointed at the map that I had circled Thrill Hill,” Shaun states. It was at that point that Shaun went through several emotions, from sadness and then to anger.

“Look, you can’t just label things thrilling; it’s cruel,” Shaun says. Debbie Meyer, longtime Shreveport resident disagrees. “Until you’ve seen a 6-year-old screaming down that hill for a few, glorious seconds, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. Debbie’s son, Dallas, set the land speed record for Shreveport on a skateboard in 1993 by rolling down Thrill Hill. 

Shaun’s team of thrill experts remained unconvinced. They scrutinized everything about the grade of the road and came to a consensus that Thrill Hill is not thrilling, nor is it technically a hill. The team have labeled the stretch a ‘Mediocre Mound’ – a name that stings to many residents. Jared Blauser, Thrill Hill enthusiast said “I know this is thrilling and I know damn well its a hill. It survived the traffic circle and it will now, too. Now check this out.” Jared kicked off and zoomed down Mediocre Mound on his Razor Scooter bringing about cheers from several onlookers.

How do you feel about the name change?

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