Local Self-Made Businesswoman Set to Become Millionaire

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SHREVEPORT, LA – Makayleigh Smith, entrepreneur and mom of one, has become a common household name in the Shreveport area. Being just one person of only 35 dozen other local sellers, Mrs. Smith has finally met her yearly bonus quota which will bring her salary into the millions for this year.

“I am so thrilled, y’all!” Makayleigh exclaimed, “There’s very little competition and I have carved out this little, like, niche. My biggest sellers are the teeth shrinking wraps and the Pelvinia diet cream line. Everything totally works, proof is in these pictures I found online.”

Smith’s success lies in the parties that she guilt trips her friends into, as well as the 30,000 Facebook posts per day she makes describing the products. While her success may be unique and almost mythological in nature, she guarantees that anyone selling products for her can also enjoy the same sort of wealth, especially when they also get five more followers.

For transparency, The Crayfish does not sponsor any of the products, but must disclose that it has purchased 36 tubes of diet cream

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