City Committed to Fighting Crime by Sincerely Hoping People Don’t Break the Law

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SHREVEPORT, LA –  Violent crime in Shreveport is up compared to last year, which is to say it’s pretty damn high, but the city is committed now more than ever to curb crime rates by simply ignoring it. The Crayfish asked one city official about steps to mitigate crime and received the following reply by text, “lets talk about the aquarium :).” The number was not in service the following day. Some believe that the police department is facing a manning problem, which stems from low pay. Less police leads to less presence across the city, which means there is potentially a lower risk of arrest for criminals in Shreveport. In short, duh.

Despite the fact that Shreveport police officers’ salary ranks in the lowest 10% for pay in the entire United States, the city has done well in other important areas like maintaining a certain level of apparent corruption, racially charged Facebook rants, evoking a general feeling of incompetence, and causing many citizens to question their own ability to vote. Local welder David Pokey said, “There are some problems, sure, but if you just sit and think about just how much effort it must take to seem this detached from your constituents, that’s impressive. We should give some credit for that. The aquarium will be pretty sweet, too, so if I don’t get murdered I’m going to check it out.”

Nerdy Studies and Analysis

Shreveport police have not been given a raise in 14 years; apparently, when a politician has said they want to eliminate crime, they were really just hoping really hard that people would no longer want to commit crimes. It’s an interesting strategy. Given that the Shreveport police have been paid so little for so long, The Crayfish assumes that the city sees no connection between crime rates and officer pay or the city does believe there is a connection, but doesn’t care enough to change it – which scenario is worse we leave to the reader. If the city for some reason doesn’t know this, The Crayfish has provided a link to a meta-analysis of 13 studies, across nearly 4 decades, that shows that low pay to police officers can be linked to higher crime rates. This should be relatively obvious to just about anyone with a few firing synapses, as noted above low pay means prospective police officers find new work or simply move to a higher paying city, which means you have less of them in Shreveport – important when you need to do police stuff. The Crayfish has done the work for you in this story, but you can read the analysis yourself those studies HERE.

Perhaps the city understands and believes these studies and simply just doesn’t care, leading The Crayfish to wonder just what does the city do if it cannot deliver the most basic needs of its people. Either way, it seems apparent the most effort the city is willing to take in response to crime is to come up with some really catchy slogans, a much cheaper alternative.

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