Petition to rename “South Highlands” to “West Broadmoor” being considered by City Council

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SOUTH HIGHLANDS, Shreveport, LA – A petition filed with the city earlier this week to rename the South Highlands neighborhood to the more appropriate West Broadmoor has gained steam. Currently the drainage ditch known as Pierre Bayou separates the two neighborhoods, drawing a personal divide in one of the city’s most crime reported areas. Colloquially, South Highlands is known as the “West Bank” to several Broadmoor residents, but a small Palestinian delegation has suggested this moniker insensitive, bringing about the push for an official change.

Highlands residents have remained protective of their territory, requiring its residents to undergo a biometrics enrollment and a polygraph test before residents can post on the neighborhood Facebook page. A Highlands resident has gone so far as to restrict access to a water cooler that sits around the track, making everyone wonder who would drink out of it in the first place.

According to District H representative Larry Steele, “This is a great move for both neighborhoods and for Shreveport in general. Broadmoor has desperately needed cultural landmarks such as the Norton Art Gallery or Thrill Hill, and we believe the increase in property value for residents will allow for more gentrification and more tax revenue.”

Broadmoor residents will eventually be able to enjoy South Highlands mainstays such as sit down restaurants and overpriced clothing boutiques. City council will vote on the issue this Friday at the weekly potluck.

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