Broadmoor Baptist Moving Forward to Transform Whole Neighborhood into Parking Lot

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BROADMOOR, Shreveport, LA – Broadmoor Baptist Church’s parking lot expansion has been at a standstill for nearly 4 years. The current parking lot holds over 300 vehicles and is also the preferred way to get from Atlantic to Ockley and is a notable choice for parents to teach their children to drive. As the church continues its growth, many congregants have been relegated to parking in the yards of Clingman residents. A source within Broadmoor Baptist has communicated that due to the parking woes, the church is prepared to take over Broadmoor by force.

Broadmoor Baptist wanted to settle matters peacefully, but several residents resisted the gesture, effectively stunting the parking lot’s expansion. The new plans are reportedly suitable for over 30,000 vehicles, a size that made one congregant scream “Hallelujah!” Pat Forsett said, “Honestly, it’s about time. Some of the homeowners would ask me to move my car, which is so annoying. Why don’t you move your house!” The church has been tight-lipped about a timeline for expansion as our source indicated this may diminish the element of surprise. 

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