Ockley Resident Successfully Deploys Spike Strips to Combat Speeding

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OCKLEY DR., Shreveport, LA – Ockley has long been considered a favorite area for residents to speed through a residential area. “Try me,” says Tony Barnett. “You wanna drive through my street, especially you Highland punks, then just try me and we’ll see how far you get.” Tony’s Ockley neighbors have been supportive of Tony’s implementation of spike Strips. Sharon Taylor was visibly excited during Tony’s demonstration for The Crayfish that left a Ford Focus disabled after exceeding the speed limit. “Serves them right! Serves! Them! Right!” she cheered.

Tony utilized two passive infrared sensors, commonly found in automatic garage doors, to gauge the speed of vehicles traveling down Ockley. “When it passes the first one, a timer starts, then it stops when it passes the second sensor. If the time exceeds my calibrations, then the spikes go up and you ain’t speeding no more,” Tony states.

While most of the Ockley residents seem happy, this will no doubt rekindle the tensions between Broadmoor and Highland residents. Highland has already considered implementing biometric checkpoints to limit movement of non-residents in and out of Highland, and some embedded Crayfish sources even believe there may be plans to construct a wall. Regardless, The Crayfish and the city of Shreveport will have a keen eye on any significant developments.

Do you agree with Tony’s strategy or will this cause tensions to boil over? We want to hear your voice!
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